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Frits Hesselink's blog:
The Art of Positive Change
Positive Change
Since 1997 HECT Consultancy is specialized in enabling positive change where people and nature seem to be in conflict. Sustainable development is the guiding principle for all our activities. From a specialized online toolkit to full service advice on a new policy.

A sustainable future requires change at all levels. Change is an individual and emotional event – that depends on collective actions for success. Communication and learning provides the link from science and policy to people's social, cultural and economic reality.

Information alone will not lead to change in behaviour or practices. Helping with positive change is building trust and connecting to personal experiences, interests and values. With this in mind options for change can be generated that are people’s own options and own solutions.

Slovenský Kras, Slovenia
Boc, Slovenia
Suchá Hora, Slovakia

The case of Village Ponds
It seems just a matter of time before the last village pond in South Western Slovenia has disappeared. And with it a network of habitats for frogs, dragon flies...
  What clients say..

"From Frits Hesselink we learned
how to discern between
the important and the trivial.

The Art of Positive Change
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