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Frits Hesselink's blog:
The Art of Positive Change
Strategic Communication
We advise you how to communicate strategically, how to manage and facilitate participation processes, how to build support for your ambitions. We know the worlds of international organizations, government and private sector. And we speak the language of communities and NGOs.

We offer international organizations, governments and NGOs strategies for outreach to audiences you want to impact on. With teams of local experts in marketing, communication and media, we develop strategies and coach you to implement them.

We help you clarify and focus your objectives. To better understand your audiences. To frame your key messages. To motivate your stakeholders. To engage them in exploring options for positive change. To make them owner of sustainable solutions.

Examples of HECT Strategic Communication Activities
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The Art of Positive Change
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Communication Advice to Sustainable Development Plan, Bulgaria
Client: AGRECO

AGRECO leads a consortium to carry out an European Union project to establish transboundary eco-networks in Bulgaria and Greece. Core of the project is the identification of a portfolio of sustainable development opportunities that can be funded from EU structural funds for regional development. Advice the consortium on process management. Assist the project managers with communication advice how to position the project. How to package project information to have optimal impact with desired audiences. How to gain a top brain position for the project with key decision makers. How to manage expectations of stakeholders. How to organize knowledge management and how to organize an interactive final conference with all stakeholders.
Towards a Communication Strategy for the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
Client: Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, WRI, USA

The Communication Co-ordinator of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment is planning a communication and outreach strategy. HECT Consultancy is asked to update the co-ordinator on the latest techniques and approaches of communication planning. The assignment is carried out in partnership with SPAN Consultants.
Communication Strategy Tropenbos International
Client: Tropenbos International

In the opinion of the board of Tropenbos International (TBI) the organization has to make a major investment in communication to improve its impact and reputation. HECT is asked to help to formulate a communication strategy. HECT carries out an internal and external stakeholder analysis and coaches the managers to formulates a new position statement and brand. Improvements of internal communication are explored and initiated. HECT guides the design of a new website and the formulation of a new external communication strategy and provides the board, the managing director and staff with advice how to best implement the strategy.
Towards a joint communication Strategy for the Amazon region Protected Areas
Client: WWF Brazil

ARPA Donors expressed the need has been expressed to be more strategic in communication to more effectively reach the objectives.

WWF-Brazil has offered to arrange for a consultancy and asked HECT Consultancy to advice on a process towards the formulation of a communication strategy. Together with communication officers from partner organizations HECT engaged in a process of stakeholder analysis and focus groups. In a report the steps towards a communication strategy to be formulated in dialogue with the partners are outlined.
Communication Advice WCLN
Client: Foundation for Our Future

IUCN is engaged in the realization of a network in which environmental faculties and institutes of higher education worldwide share knowledge among themselves and with the community of international conservation and development organizations.

The program is managed by Foundation for Our Future. HECT is asked to assist with communication advice. HECT articulates the demand through focus groups and surveys. It formulates terms of reference how to engage end users and partners in the development of the WCLN Portal. It advises on a range of communication activities to create positive word of mouth and to manage expectations.
The IUCN name and logo are increasingly used in different ways by different constituencies.

The IUCN Council has asked the Secretariat to develop a strategy and guidelines for the use of the IUCN name and logo. HECT is asked to provide the IUCN secretariat with the necessary background information on corporate communication and the use of logos. HECT develops a strategy to formulate in dialogue with key internal stakeholders in the Union guidelines for the use of the IUCN name and logo.
Communication Strategy Natura 2000, Slovenia
Client: Ministry of Environment, Slovenia

As part of the obligations of accession to the European Union, Slovenia has to change its legislation with regard to biodiversity conservation. Natura 2000 sites have to be researched and designated in dialogue with relevant stakeholder groups. Prepare a communication strategy in dialogue with the managers and communication advisors of the Ministry of Environment, the Environment Agency and the Nature Conservation Institute. HECT strengthens - with the help of local consultants -communication capacities through training and involvement of the agricultural and forestry extensionists of the Ministry of Agriculture. Key messages and communication tools are developed. HECT coaches monitoring and internal communication of the project and ensures the effectiveness of the communication strategy and activities through regular meetings with the top of the Ministry.
Communication Strategy Association Private Forest Owners, Estonia
Client: IUCN European Program

The umbrella organization of Estonian Private Forest Owners Associations intends to mainstream biodiversity conservation into the management practices of private forest owners. HECT is asked for advice.

Coaching by HECT Consultancy leads to the realization that mainstreaming should be seen as the introduction of a management innovation and that it is not effective to target the owners with just biodiversity messages.

Stakeholder analysis to find entry points for change

HECT analyzes the system in which private forests are managed in Estonia. The entry first point for interventions towards positive change is the way the small number of contractors in Estonia use large machinery for clear cutting and the degree in which they leave biomass behind. HECT coaches the Associations to develop – in dialogue with the Swedish company that produces and sells the machinery, some of the contracting companies and the Forestry department - a strategy to change current practices. The local branch of the Stockholm Environment Institute facilitates the interaction between the partners and the various stakeholder meetings. The execution of the joint strategy leads to professional updating courses, excursions and informal meetings for the personnel of the contractors, the pioneers among their clients and forest officials within the institutional framework. The local branch of the Stockholm Environment Institute facilitates the interaction between the partners and the various stakeholder meetings.
Communication Strategy for Lithuanian Private Forest
Client: IUCN European Program

Through coaching by HECT Consultancy the Lithuanian Association of Private Forest Owners realizes that their first idea of making a video on the importance of biodiversity will not change current practices of private forest owners.

Clear cutting (Photo Piotr Tyszko)

Analysis shows that the main threat to biodiversity is in clear cutting. HECT helps the Association to focus on this one issue to change practices. HECT helps to develop a marketing strategy for selective cutting among private forest owners. The Association identifies with the help of the State Forestry Inspectors opinion leaders and pioneers among its members. In partnership with the Forestry Department, a learning project for individual and institutional change is undertaken. Pioneers and early adaptors get tailored support to do things differently. Positive results and benefits are communicated to the early majority.
Communication Strategy for Pro Silva, Hungary  
Client: IUCN European Program

Since several years Pro Silva Hungary is working - in cooperation with two Ministries - to introduce ‘close to nature forestry’ through publications, workshops and excursions to through demonstration sites.

Selective cutting (photo Bela Varga)

Legal and institutional restraints are obstacles for the introduction of this innovation. Coaching by HECT Consultancy helps Pro Silva to make its approach for changing practices more strategic. In the process Pro Silva realizes the importance of evaluating the workshops and monitoring the changes of practice by private owners to better define interventions for up-scaling of the project, to provide more credible proof of their proposition and to learn more about concrete cases where small changes in institutional and individual practices will have a huge impact on biodiversity and which will lead to the appropriate government interventions.
Communication strategy for IUCN at WSSD
Client: IUCN, Gland

IUCN views its participation in the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg 2002 as a major opportunity to develop the IUCN brand.

HECT is asked to outline - on the basis of interviews with key internal stakeholders - a communication strategy which supports the branding process IUCN is engaged in. HECT’s advises a two way strategy. A customer oriented approach through the IUCN Environment that showcases and capitalizes on the convening power of IUCN. And a policy influencing approach in the official Congress Centre, showing IUCN’s leadership in linking policy and practice.
Communication Strategy for the Brown Agenda, SQA Brazil
Client: Ministry of Environment, Brasilia

The Secretariat for Environmental Quality of the Ministry of Environment of Brazil is in the process of revisiting its communication policy for the “brown agenda”. The Secretariat has asked HECT help in this evaluation and to develop and introduce a new communication strategy: internally and externally. On the basis of the outcomes of the various phases of the project and discussions with Boucinhas & Campos, management consultants who advice on restructuring of the Ministry, a final report with annexes is written, with recommendations for management and an process evaluation of the project. In a debriefing session a presentation is given to the top of the Ministry and representatives of the Ministry of Planning.
Communication Management Advice National Biodiversity Strategy
Client: Environment Agency, Slovenia

In the framework of the Convention on Biological Diversity, Slovenia is formulating a National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan.

The Ministry of Environment aims to develop the strategy in dialogue with other Ministries and relevant sectors in society. Give advice to the project manager. Provide the Environment Agency with advice on methods for effectively involving these Ministries and sectors. Advise on the preparation of the communication with these actors. Coach staffs of the Environment Agency to carry out their tasks in the project.
Communication Strategy for the PARC project
Client: IUCN Vietnam

The UNDP funded project - Creating Protected Areas for Resource Conservation through Landscape Ecology (PARC) - implemented in three parks - is in its final stage and aims for an extension with a next phase.

Internal and external communication have been virtually absent in the ToR. As a result the project faces a negative image among various stakeholder groups. As advisor to the Vietnamese government project office, IUCN asks HECT Consultancy to help and to coach the office in formulating a communication strategy. To analyse the situation, HECT carries out a quick scan among stakeholders at the park and provincial level, the state level and the international level. On the basis of the analysis HECT guides the process of formulating a communication strategy in planning and writing sessions with key actors from the PARC project team.

Word document in file publications: MISSION REPORT (JANUARY 2003)