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F.J. Hesselink
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The Art of Positive Change
Frits Hesselink (1945) has a degree in international law from the University of Utrecht. In various educational positions he was engaged in teaching, research and curriculum development for law and social studies. In 1976 he co-founded and later became managing director of SME MilieuAdvieurs, Institute for Environmental Communication in the Netherlands and gained experience in adult learning, applied marketing and communication techniques for awareness raising, participation and change management in environmental projects for government, civil society and the corporate sector in the Netherlands and Europe.

Since 1990 - in ten years as a deputy Chair, later as a Chair of the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication, and as IUCN Council and Bureau member - he gained experience in international governance issues, intercultural communication, network and knowledge management, and the state of the art of stakeholder management in conservation and sustainable development, as practiced in different parts of the world.

In 1997 he founded HECT Consultancy, specialised in services in the field of stakeholder management in environment and sustainable development, working in various countries for a range of international clients, varying from ministries of environment or foreign affairs to international development organizations, international NGOs and private corporations. Other interests Frits Hesselink pursues with passion are music, fine arts and Eastern philosophy.
What clients say..

"From Frits Hesselink we learned how to discern between the important and the trivial."
The Art of Positive Change
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